Advice for Common Problems

Many minor problems do not necessarily need help from a doctor and can be managed at home.

Fever: Cool by undressing, fanning or sponging down with tepid water. Drink plenty of fluids. Give Paracetamol as directed. It is particularly important not to wrap children up when they have a fever as this will increse their temperature.

Sore Throats & Coughs: These usually only need symptomatic treatment. Most sore throats and coughs are caused by viruses, and will not respond to antibiotics, and will start to imrpve within 3-5 days. Cough medicines do not speed up recovery but the symptoms of a dry irritating cough may be helped by a cough surpressant such as pholcodine linctus. Catarrahal coughs may be helped by decongestive cough medicines such as Sudafed. Steam inhalations are also a very effective treatment. There is no need to add anything to the steam - Just hot water will do.

Earaches: Symptoms are usually helped by Paracetamol or Ibuprofen.


Nosebleeds: Sit forward and breathe through the mouth. Pinch below the bridge of the nose and if it does not stop within 10 minutes consult your Doctor or visit the Accident & Emergency Department at the Alexandra Hospital.

Burns & Scalds: Immediately cool the affected part in cold running water for several minutes. Minor scalds can be left uncovered but where the skin is blistered or broken, seek advice from the Doctor or Practice Nurse or visit the Accident & Emergency at the Alexandra Hospital.

If there is any anxiety about any of the above conditions please contact the Doctor or Practice Nurse.