Obtain a letter from your doctor

We are receiving an increasing number of requests for ‘Letters from the Doctor’. These include letters for insurance companies, letters for employers, fitness to fly, etc.

We will need a signed consent form from you to say that the doctor can release medical information to whom it may concern.

There will be a fee depending on the type of letter requested.

The doctor will do the letter as quickly as possible. However please be aware that we are constantly being asked for this type of letter and there may be a backlog. The letters are done in strict order in which they are received.

Please note, hospital referral letters will take preference over non-clinical requests for information.

We are also experiencing an increasing number of requests for letters from the doctor, to certify that people are fit to undertake various activities.

These include:

  • Using golf buggies
  • Having a head massage 
  • Appearing on TV
  • Getting an aisle seat on an aeroplane


These requests are usually made at the request of insurance companies and have no medical relevance.

By providing signed statements of fitness, the doctor then assumes primary legal responsibility and absolves the insurer of any liability. In the unlikely event of problems, the doctor would be involved in potentially hugely expensive personal legal action.

For this reason any request for statements of this nature will be declined unless there are clear medical reasons for the request. Even then, this may necessitate a full medical examination that would incur significant expense to the individual concerned.